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About Me

My name is Jo Major, I started learning about DE&I (not fussy about the acronym) in my last role as a recruiter. I was pushed into learning more after experiencing the feeling of not belonging, being excluded and not quite fitting in because of my background and identity.

Full transparency, I didn't have a clue before that experience, my privilege meant I'd not faced bias, discrimination or prejudice for most of my career, I didn't understand barriers to work, and I didn't fully comprehend the impact your background, identity and circumstances had on how you may navigate the recruitment process.

Ignorance is bliss, I'd add it's also pretty inexcusable for a recruiter in today's climate.  

In 2021, during the height of covid & lockdowns, I knew I had to do something, I needed to try and use my experience as a recruiter, an L&D practitioner and a DE&I lead for good and to push for change.

So here I am several years later, I run a successful DE&I Training & Advice Consultancy called Diversity in Recruitment, I spend the majority of my time working with an agency and in-house recruitment teams and helping them get to grips with inclusive, accessible and equitable recruitment.

And I want to SHARE everything I've learnt, EVERYTHING that inspires me & the PEOPLE in my incredible network with YOU, here in my Mighty Network!

Why You Should Join Me

This community is a safe space for ALL recruiters to collaborate and share their thoughts, ideas and perspectives. Its a judgement and competition-free zone, everyone should be focused on learning, education and development. 

Our absolute mission is to connect recruitment and talent attraction into the ED&I agenda and to work together to break down some of the barriers underrepresented candidates face throughout their job search. 

A candidate's identity, background and circumstances should never be the reason why they cannot get hired! 

Let's together make recruitment processes inclusive, accessible and equitable.

A Big Thanks

To eveyone that has taking the first steps on their journey to becoming an inclusive recruiter, thank you!

Together we have the power to access more talent, make recruitment better and build high performing workplaces packed full of representention!